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Think we, not just me

“The disease of me can lead to the defeat of us.” That's a statement by Pat Riley, a basketball coach of the LA Lakers from the book, ‘The winning way 2.0’.

Every day in every project, you have a choice to work as a TEAM PLAYER or to work as a SOLO PERFORMER.

As a Team Player, you need to learn how to listen more to others, understand their perspective and have an inclusive approach at all points in time.

But, as a Solo Performer all that you do is think of your wants and your desires. This mindset is detrimental to any organization.

Soon, instead of you focusing your attention on external factors like a slow economy, stiff competition, change in policies, and other key aspects; your attention will be diverted to firefighting in-house issues.

Remember, “The disease of me can lead to the defeat of us”. Let's work together as a team and achieve more.

By Craig Travasso,

Craig Communicates (OPC) Private Limited

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