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What is the process behind a voice over?


Many folks are curious about the process of how a script gets recorded. So I thought I'd share the process with you.

1.VOICE SEARCH - The production house connects with an artist /artists and asks them to share their voice samples.

2.FEES - An approximate cost quotation is provided by the artist taking into consideration the duration of the read as well as the usage of the film. For example - If it is to be broadcasted on TV, the fees are more.

3.VOICE SELECTION - Based on voice samples which are between 30-60 seconds, clients choose a specific artist whose voice matches their brand personality.

4.SCRIPT SHARED - The script is then shared with the selected artist. At this stage, clarifications are asked on technical pronunciations if any.

In some cases, a reference film of another AV is shared, so that the artist knows the general feel of the script read.

5.SCRIPT LOCKED CONFIRMATION - The artist asks the production house if the script is locked and no further changes are likely. A change in script will result in an increase in production cost as the script would need to be re-recorded. A re-recording also means an added delay in the timeline.

6. STUDIO RECORDING - The script is then recorded at a studio and a cleaned up audio track is provided to the production house. In some cases, the artist provides 02 options of the voice over read.

In most cases we record wild, that means without any visual reference. In a few cases, the video edit is completed and then the voice has to be recorded as per the video timeline.

7. AUDIO MEETS VISUAL - If we have recorded wild, the editor now merges the audio and visual so that the story is told clearly and effectively.

8.CLIENT APPROVAL - The editor then adds an appropriate music track to the Audio Visual and shares it with the client for approval.

9.APPROVAL RECEIVED - Once approval is received, the artist raises the invoice to the production house and the payment is made.

10.MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED - If the client asks for a change in the voice over, this is usually done for an additional fee.

This is the process that is usually followed.

There can be a few minor tweaks along the way. Hope this article helps you.

Article by Craig Travasso, voice over artist (English) from Mumbai in the voice recording business for more than 15 years.

In his journey, he has successfully completed thousands of voice over recordings for corporate AVs, TV promos, digital ads, e-learning trainings, podcasts, radio spots, etc.

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