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Voice Over

For more than 15 years, Craig has lent his voice for various national and international brands. How would one describe Craig’s voice? Low base, easy on the ears, sharp, smart, vibrant, stylish, friendly and conversational.

Voice modulation Mix

From a soothing read to a bright voice over with strong projection. Hope you enjoy it.

Digital Advertisment

The voice over highlights the product features of a well known washing machine. IFB Deep Clean.

Corporate film voice over

When it comes to industrial films, you will notice that there is a difference in feel in voice delivery.

The Voice Over Mix

This voice over video has a variety of voice tones, pitches that can be applied to a variety of audio visuals. It showcases Craig's voice range.

Commercial voice over

The end voice over for the mobile phone brand  Oppo F9 Pro

Product Launch

Asus launched a range of state of the art Laptops. Hear a high energy promo voice.

Commercial voice over

A funny advertisement for a dining app.

Stop motion voice over

A case study voice over, which has a storytelling feel.


Are you a Mr. Bean fan?

Instructional voice over

A step by step, process oriented voice over which requires the instructions to be concise and clear.

An explainer video.

Voice Tones

Fun with Mutual  Funds

Energetic Voice over

As this brand 'Rite Bite Max Protein' is all about high energy, the voice over is a reflection of the brand personality.


Have you seen the movie Pink Panther?


The role of a 'Sherlock Holmes' in a commercial film. Dubbing is about getting into character, getting the sync & enjoying the role.


A documentary needs a soothing, calm voice which enables the storyteller to share their experience.

Product demo voice over

A demonstration video voice over requires a step by step approach in ensuring that the viewer has a good DIY (Do it yourself) experience.

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