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Leveraging his experience on stage and in studio, Craig is a communication coach and corporate trainer, successfully conducting workshops which are known to be engaging, motivating, perspective building and practical.

Participants walk out feeling more confident and are always appreciative of his friendly and humorous style of presentation.

Craig Travasso is  2 time TEDX speaker.

TEDx Jai Hind College 2016 and TEDxNM College 2023.

Below are a few of the training outlines seen at the workshops.


The art of storytelling

- Know your purpose
- How to make the audience connection
- How to increase message recall
- Preparing elevator pitches
- Narrative techniques of global communicators
- The 3 Cs of Communication
- Stick to your time slot


Overcoming stage fear

- Why fear public speaking?
- Embrace the butterflies
- Confidence building tools
- Behind the scenes preparation
- How to adapt on stage
- Stay cool & communicate
- Convey and connect


Effective Presentation Skills

- The importance of structure

- How to pitch an idea

- Creating impactful visuals

- Understanding your audience

- Audience engagement techniques


Voice modulation

- It’s not just what you say, but how you say it
- 5 key features in speaking
- Physiology – Vocal Chords & Breathing
- The Power of word emphasis
- Overcoming Monotone
- Explore reading techniques
- Understand the mood


Non-verbal  communication

- Body Postures
- Hand gestures
- The role of eye connect
- Body Language Observations
- Presenting with impactful slides
- Listening Skills 
- Building stage presence



- Leading yourself so that you can lead others
- 5 levels of leadership
- Leadership and Communication
- Authenticity & transparency
-The art of delegation
- Leadership lessons from global tycoons
- Being an example


Personality Development

- Time management techniques

- Fundamentals of communication skills

- Developing a growth mindset

- Building good habits

- Improving self and team productivity

IMG_20220802_122628 (1).jpg

People skills

- Developing our people skills
- Understanding personality types
- How to give feedback
- Speak positive and constructive
- Words to employ and avoid
- Staying strong but sensitive

jsw safety team.jpg

Email Etiquette

- Tone of email voice
- Structure in communication
- Regular disciplines to create a good impression
- A checklist before hitting 'send'

- Creating templates


Goal Setting  
Goal Getting

- Best Practices in Goal Setting
- Simple steps in developing a process
- Hinderances to achieving goals
- How to create personal goals
- How to create corporate goals


Group Discussion

- Ways to effectively share a point
- How to communicate confidently
- Verbal and Non Verbal cues to consider
- Factors participants are being evaluated on
- Mindset preparation
- Mock GDs



- Preparing a CV
- How to dress for an interview
- How to handle tough questions
- Factors the participant is being evaluated on
- Mindset preparation
- Frequently asked questions
- Mock interviews (1).jpg


Craig has excellent command over the language. We were part of his communications workshop and there was a lot to take back. All his lessons are practical and power packed!!
Shriyans Bhandari, Forbes 30 under 30, Greensole

Craig is one of the most influential personality I ever met. If you want to make yourself good in communication you can take him as an ideal. He is highly approachable person & you can learn a lot from him.
Sandeep Sonawane - Assistant Manager JSW P

Craig is passionate about speaking and it reflects in his trainings. His key insights, practical tips and ability to simplify is what makes his sessions effective and impactful.
Ramesh Nair – Former CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)

It's been a great experience working with Craig Travasso. His detailed preparation, quick wit while being extremely sensitive about the audience and his ability to spontaneously engage with the audience is remarkable. Craig is committed in his work, has a good presence of mind and easy to work with.
Anil Mascarenhas – Senior Vice President Communications at IIFL Wealth Management 

Craig is an effective story teller and his training gives you a holistic view to communication. He is an energetic speaker with a presentation style that encourages and motivates his participants.
Rohan Bhansali – Founder, Gozoop –An Integrated Marketing Agency

One thing that makes Craig stand apart as a coach is his attention to detail and ability to spot improvements, and changes spanning across years. His feedback is specific to every individual's style and capabilities.                                

Rahul Bathija - Former DGM Product Management, Samsung India


Craig Travasso, a promising corporate trainer, understands the core message that you want to communicate to your audience and guides you in delivering crisp and confident presentations. I have had the pleasure of working with him and he has been super effective. Highly recommend him.
Sunny Bijlani – Managing Director at Supreme Universal

Craig Travasso does a super job engaging with students and training them in communication skills, people skills, leadership development, group discussion and personal interview. He has an amazing ability to connect with his audience and challenge them to tap their potential. Students always come away from his workshop with many takeaways and a boost to their self-confidence.  

Yasmin Singaporewala, Head of Department, BAF, BBI, BFM Jai Hind College Hind College

Being confident, articulate and the art of writing is what I got from Craig’s workshop. The writing skills which he infused made my CV so robust, that I received the post of the placement head of BAF. I am grateful that due to his hard work, I laid down the legacy of hosting each orientation of degree college.

Prita Jhaveri – Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Jai Hind College)


Participants feedback from the workshop.


This was a one day intensive training.

Communication growth in a participant.

Consistency in practice bears fruit over time

The art of communication

Critical Thinking Workshop

Participants feedback of the workshop

Job Interview Workshop

How to run an effective meeting - Workshop

More testimonials of participants :

* We were asked to attend a 3 day workshop in college at the start of our 2nd year, to enhance our communication skills. And just like almost every other student in my class, I cribbed about my holidays being cut short because of a workshop. My laziness and inconsiderate behaviour got the better of me and I didn't turn up for the 1st day. How wrong was I !! To my great astonishment, my friends who attended the workshop spoke so highly of it that I was compelled to attend the next day to experience it myself. 
What makes Craig's workshops different and special is that he not only communicates well, but also keeps the audience extremely entertained. Moreover it not only makes you communicate better, but also motivates you & gives you the zeal to learn more. An excellent communicator, a funny guy, a brilliant teacher and a FANTASTIC person!! Craig Travasso
- Harsh Thairani - Bachelor of Financial Management (Jai hind college)

* The "Being Effective" workshop opened my eyes to various factors in how we communicate. Craig manages to impress this upon us in a very humourous and lasting way. The workshop was filled with useful pictures/videos of various aspects of human interactions. I seriously recommend the workshop to those who would like to improve the way they come across to others, because it is a killer combo of fun and effectiveness.
- Akshay Khandelwal - Bachelor of Management Studies (Jai Hind College)

* It's always fun doing workshops with Craig. He also did mock interviews and trust me he ripped me apart in one of these but I am glad he did that its helped me a lot because whenever I appear for an interview next time I know what not to do and I think that's the biggest thing he taught me.
I have always shared a special bond with him and I must say he is special and a very humble person. He has an amazing sense of humour and the only thing I hate about him is the way he makes English sound so easy, believe you me whoever has heard him talk, so badly wants to have the same command over the language like he does.

I think he is God gifted and we all love him for the wonderful person he is. I can easily vouch for the fact that whomsoever got through placements this year will surely agree that it could not have been possible without Craig's effort and hard work.
- Sumit Nair - Bachelor of Management Studies (Jai Hind College)

Being confident, articulate and the art of writing is what I got from Craig’s workshop. The writing skills which he infused made my CV so robust, that I received the post of the placement head of BAF. I am grateful that due to his hard work, I laid down the legacy of hosting each orientation of degree college.
- Prita Jhaveri – Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Jai Hind College)

* The workshop by Craig was conducted with simple pedagogic skills but filled with lots of fun. It was a perfect example of how to combine professionalism with a certain level of comfort, which felt extremely motivating.
The workshop was very informative, taught me so many things about how to present which not only includes good communication skills but one needs to be creative and innovative. Most importantly, he created a friendly environment, where learning was made easy.
- Bhagyashree More  - Bachelor of Banking and Insurance (Jai Hind college)
* GDPI - the word is enough to scare students away, but sitting through Craig's workshop - I started believing it is not as difficult and scary as it is in my head.
There were quite a few eye openers - especially relating to the posture of the interviewee and about the context of the answers. It seriously reinforces self-belief and somehow sticks by you, even when you are sitting outside the office waiting for your turn. Kudos to the workshop :) !

- Shaima Karim - Bachelor of Management Studies Jai Hind College
* Knowing the main keys of Communication helped us unlock the mystery of how we can make our presentations more effective. Craig showed us various videos related to them and gave us many examples to relate to and understand all of it in a much better way.
Today, whenever I have to go on stage to make a presentation or even give a speech, all these points come back to me and help me make a classic presentation. I would like to thank Craig for inspiring us and improving our communication skills. Since Comm-UNIQUE-ation adds on to the uniqueness of every individual.
- Aditya Shah - Bachelor of Management Studies Jai Hind College


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