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Video Tutorials

If you have a passion for personal growth, then you are going to enjoy these videos which are designed to quip you in communication, leadership skills and personal growth. 

What leadership is not

A fresh perspective to leadership development.

7 Communication Tips

In this reel, you will see 7 communication tips which you can apply in your next corporate presentation.

Version One

Version one is better than version none. This thought motivates us to get things going.

Listening skills

Make the effort to listen. It's not just about learning how to express oneself, but also developing the ability to listen.

Are public speakers talkative in nature?

Talkative people may not be great at speaking in public. Have a look and let's learn more.

Leadership is serving

Leadership is not about swag, but rather about serving people.

Rejection vs Regret

This is a perspective that can enable us to step outside our comfort zone and embrace the future.

3 reasons for networking

A lot of people do not want to invest time in networking. However, networking is key for our growth - personal and professional.

People power

For organization's to grow, people power is key. Human resource is a vital strength to a firm.

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