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Communication Workshop at JSW Paints

I had the privilege of interacting with teams of JSW Paints in different parts of the country discussing various aspects of Communication.


The team at JSW Paints is passionate about adding colour to people's lives and was eager to learn, explore and implement techniques in presentation pitches, interpersonal communication and more.Wishing the team at JSW Paints the very best, as they inspire people to 'Think Beautiful'.



The TEDx is a wonderful platform to share ideas and receive insights from individuals of influence in society.

Speaking at TEDxNM College on the theme of 'Going the Extra Mile' was an absolute thrill. I was privileged to be among a fantastic lineup of speakers as I shared on my journey as a communicator.

The TEDxNM organizing team did a wonderful job putting this event together, while the audience was encouraging and participative.
Three cheers for TEDxNM College.


Jai Hind College - Mentor

I was thrilled to receive the plaque of Mentor at the Jai Hind College Incubator & Accelerator Centre) from principal Dr. Vijay Dabholkar. 

I always find it a privilege and delight to connect with young enterprising minds of Jai Hind College who have an amazing spirit of entrepreneurship in them. 

There are some people who make things happen, others who watch things happen and some who wonder what happened. 
Entrepreneurs make things happen. 

Wishing all those who part of this incubation initiative, the very best. 


JBCN International InspirUS

JAM or Just A Minute is a test of presence of mind and communication skills. It was wonderful to be with students of JBCN International Schools (Parel) for their event InspirUs and judge this school competition. Students picked a topic, had 15 seconds to think and then speak on it for 1 minute.

It was amazing to see students give it their best and confidently express themselves.

I salute the school and it's leadership team led by Davi Sanchez Netto for creating this amazing platform and environment of excellence for the students. Wishing them the very best.


Jai Hind College - Mentor

It was amazing to be with professors, alumni and students as Jai Hind College took the initiative to launch the Family Business Hub.

This is a platform for entrepreneurship learning and business networking. The event was beautifully organized and the decor gave a complete corporate vibe as the college was transformed.

Jai Hind College is known to have students who come from business families. They are brought up in a culture of entrepreneurship.
I have been privileged to train the teams of the organizations whose founder are Jai Hind College Alumni. 


The art of communication

The art of communication is the language of leadership - James Humes. It was an interactive and engaging time to be with the team of Lemon Yellow LLP (A UI/UX Agency) as we focused on leveling up on our communication skills.


The ‘Communicate with Confidence Workshop Session 01’ focussed on storytelling, elevator pitches, clarity and conciseness in presentation. 

We also explored ways on how we can ensure our meetings are impactful, effective and of course fun. The participants (aka lemons) were expressive, creative, interactive and absolute fun to connect with. Lemon Yellow is known for bringing digital happiness, and by interacting with the team, I now know why. Looking forward to more of such interactions. Wishing LY the best!

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JBCN Internation School - Mentor

School debates are platforms of knowledge exchange when they are conducted with clarity in thought, speech and conviction in arguments. I was delighted to be the mentor and conduct 4 Masterclasses at JBCN International School, Chembur. 


-How to structure content

-Present with confidence

-Non-verbal communication

-Voice projection and more

 The learners had a great attitude to learn and grow, while the teachers played a vital role in guiding them in honing their skill. 


Thankful for the opportunity to mentor the learners and grateful for the memories and moments experienced.

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The art of communication - NMIMS 

It was a super time interacting with the highly participative students of NMIMS, Navi Mumbai. We discussed the art of communication on an interpersonal level as well as key factors in presentation skills.


Training tips along with a Q&A session. A memorable afternoon.

nmims 1.png

Global Institute of Sports Business

It's always a pleasure to conduct workshops with sports management students of Global Institute of Sports Business. 

Students have a great attitude to learn and grow. In our 4 day training, we look at various aspects that goes into making us effective in communication - Storytelling, overcoming stage fear, non-verbal communication, voice modulation, writing skills, public speaking and more


JBCN International Amplify 2.0

A memorable day of learning, engagement and fun with the teaching and non-teaching of JBCN International at Amplify 2.0. This is an event which enhances the culture of learning and personal growth with everyone on staff.
Amazing to see such an inspiring environment created for the team by this education institute.

I felt privileged to conduct 2 workshops:
1.Effective Presentation Skills
2.How to pitch an idea. 

Participants were expressive and awesome to interact with. Three cheers to the super teaching and non-teaching staff of JBCN International.


Startup Incubator - Jai Hind College

It was an amazing time interacting with startup founders and team members at the Jai Hind College Incubator and Accelerator Centre.

It was a super experience the journey of the founders  and what made them develop their business models. 

The purpose of the incubator is to assist founders in their startups to scale their ideas.


Soft Skills Training - Metal Industry SME

Succesfully conducted a series of workshops designed to enhance the soft skills of the team at an Export house of metal products. 

The trainings are curated to equip individuals for growth in their personal and professional capacities.


Elevator Pitches - Whistling Woods International

It was an amazing evening interacting with students of Whistling Woods located in Film City, Mumbai, as we focused on Storytelling, Elevator Pitches, Overcoming Stage Fear and Business Writing. Participants were lively, creative, expressive and engaging which made the learning and training experience simply super. It's always a delight when students are eager to respond

Students were from the departments of sports management, event management and media communication. 


Presentation Skills Training at Signpost India

Signpost India Private Limited is in the business of Out of Home Advertising.

It was amazing to conduct a workshop on Effective Presentation Skills with the sales and team where we worked on how we can effectively pitch to clients and prospects.


Interacting with entrepreneurs at the Clique Club

It was simply awesome to be in a room of energetic entrepreneurs who desired to take their communication skills to the next level.

Our focus was on 'communicating to connect' with various stakeholders in business.
Listening is one of the key qualities to develop as an effective communicator.

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