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Learnings from the Startup Incubator at Jai Hind College, Mumbai

Updated: Feb 2

When interacting with startup founders and team members at the Jai Hind College Incubator and Accelerator Centre, the evaluation of their ventures was based on:

1.The potential to solve a problem

2.Their passion in communication

3.Their clarity in vision

4.The scalability of the business

5.The uniqueness of the venture

To some founders I would ask the question that if you received an investment of a million bucks, how would you allocate the funds. Their response would give us insight into what they prioritize for growth.

My reflection - The manner in which startups can leverage technology, capitalize on social media and communicate with passion is key to them receiving funding and scaling their business. Wishing all the start-ups the very best in their enterprise.

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