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Stay Relevant

Remember the days when you used to put Kodak film into a camera roll? You could never think of a birthday party, a corporate event, or a social gathering without the Kodak film.

But then what happened? The Digital Revolution took place and Kodak failed to adapt and innovate. That’s why, today, we don’t hear of Kodak anymore.

We need to stay relevant. The values of our organization shouldn’t change but perhaps our product, our service or our strategy needs to change to be relevant to current market trends.

Stay Relevant by asking yourself:

1.What are my customers saying?

2.What technology can we adopt?

3.How can we be more effective?

Even at a personal level are you updating yourself with technology and current market trends?

Our Principles don’t change but maybe our Strategy needs to. LET’S STAY RELEVANT.

By Craig Travasso,

Craig Communicates (OPC) Private Limited

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