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Learnings from being on the Leadership Team

Updated: Feb 2


It's been 2 terms (10 months so far) serving as president of the Leadership Team at BNI Sparkle. Though I am scheduled to complete my tenure in 2 months, I'd like to share a few learnings

1.LISTEN, LEARN, LEAD - This is a principle taught by John Maxwell that I found very helpful. Listening opens the door to growth and it shows people that we value their opinion. We may not agree with everyone's opinion, but we need to listen to them.

2. Give people the RESPECT they deserve.

Everyone in the room has challenged themselves, overcome hurdles in life and today is seated as a member. Respect people for their industry experience and the value they bring to the table.

3. Be creative, innovative and determined to constantly LOOK FOR WAYS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF THE MEETING.

Whether it's running pre-meeting Audio Visuals, to having a robust sound system set up, to smooth transitions of presentation slides. Be bright and passionate through the meeting, engaging with the visitors. A lively attitude is contagious. Be alert and witty and drop in a few doses of humour whenever appropriate.

In short, do whatever it takes to give members a great meeting experience.

4. BE AN EXAMPLE - Before delegation comes demonstration. When you demonstrate certain disciplines (like punctuality), it becomes easier to make people accountable to deliver. We earn self respect if we are an example to others.

In the Bible, Jesus would tell others to “follow me”. That's a powerful leadership principle.

5. There may be certain DECISIONS that one takes that MAY NOT BE POPULAR. However if it is for the good of the chapter, stick to your decision and soon, everyone will value it.

I am thankful to BNI Sparkle members for being ever supportive and encouraging throughout this tenure so far.

Thankful for both the Leadership Teams who have served with me - Shamit Gandhi, Vyoma Desai and Ankit Damani and Pujan Bhansali

Grateful for mentors who are always a WhatsApp away for any question, however small, big or ‘stupid’ it may seem - Thank you Anand Pande and Chetan Shah.

I appreciate the friendship from those of other chapters along the way - Shardul Chaturveddi, who always makes sure to introduce me to new circles of BNI members.

And John Maybury whom I recently connected with.

And I specifically appreciate those who encouraged me to take this role of president - Dr. Rajat Dedhia, Mrugank Shah, Manoj Dharamshi, Sameer Bhambere, Jay Kantawala and Pranav Badheka.

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