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Leaders delegate and demonstrate

Leadership is vital for the success of an organization as it increases the productivity of the team and gives the people a common vision. The two important qualities required for leadership are Delegation and Demonstration.


When we delegate responsibilities, we get more done in less amount of time and that improves productivity. Delegation gives a sense of ownership to employees and challenges them to deliver results.

As a leader, we not only delegate responsibilities, but we also need to demonstrate the qualities of highly effective individuals.


Demonstrate qualities like being punctual, hard-working, an attentive listener, committed, enthusiastic, staying fit, and more. As John Maxwell once said, “People do what people see.” Demonstrating these qualities helps your team to look up to you and do better.

We need to delegate specific responsibilities and demonstrate the required qualities for being effective. In this way, we can motivate our team.

By Craig Travasso,

Craig Communicates (OPC) Private Limited

#leadershipskills #leadershipdevelopment #personalgrowth #personalitydevelopment

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