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Guard yourself against pride

“You could fall off the ladder you climbed on”. That's a statement by Hammering Hank, an American baseball player and it speaks about pride.

When climbing a ladder, you need to focus, or else you might miss a step and fall down. That’s what pride can do, especially when you are enjoying success.

How do we guard ourselves against pride? Here, are 2 things you can consider:

1.Appreciate the people around you. Acknowledge their efforts in your success story. Recognize their contribution and send them ‘Thank you” notes.

2. Ask yourself this question, ‘What do I have that I did not receive? (a Quote from the Bible). Gratefulness guards our hearts against pride

When a person is full of himself/herself, there is a high chance of getting trapped in pride. So, be grateful, be a team player and guard yourself against pride.

By Craig Travasso,

Craig Communicates (OPC) Private Limited

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