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Are you ready

Jack: “So, are you ready?”

Joan: “Umm….. ac….act….actually, uh….”

Jack: “I thought you wanted this?”

Joan: “Yes, I…..I do. But I think I need more time.”

Haven't we all experienced this at some point in our lives? There's something we want, a role/an opportunity, but when the opportunity gets presented to us, we are not ready. We miss what we were hoping for because we were not prepared.

John Wooden, a basketball coach in the USA, once said, “When opportunity comes, it's too late to prepare". There is wisdom in preparation.

If you are looking for a switch in job roles, a change in responsibilities within the organization, or a career move, start preparing today for what you aspire to do in the near future. Today is the day for preparation so that tomorrow you can reap the benefits. Having mere desires without taking the required steps of preparation, means you are not serious about achieving your goals.

Once you have made up your mind and know what you want, start developing your skills so that you are updated and not outdated.

Ask yourself this question, “Is what I’m doing today getting me close to what I want tomorrow?”

This helps you develop a growth mindset that allows you to find value in your preparations.

#leadershipdevelopment #personalitydevelopment #attitude #mindset

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