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A workshop at Xaviers

Updated: Jan 10

As I was walking down the corridors of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, I happened to glance at the side and once again marveled at the stunning college architecture, representative of the colonial era. I was invited to this prestigious institute in March 2020 as a guest speaker on theme of Voice Modulation for educators. This was for the international conference on 'Evolving Trends in Higher Education' at St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai It was an afternoon to remember with college professors being participative and interactive, as we looked at different aspects of voice modulation, vital in our role of training and equipping. One of my key takeaways that day - When college professors have an awesome attitude to learn and grow, it gives you an insight to the amazing atmosphere of personal growth that exists St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai. I'm always thankful for those in the teaching profession who daily make an impact on the young minds of our country. Looking forward to visiting this institute again, where one enjoys the ambience and the opportunity to connect with the awesome Xavierites.

#communicationskills #educators #sxcbom #voicetraining

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