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5 Tips for corporate trainers

Updated: Feb 2


I enjoyed the opportunity of conducting a 4 day Communication Training with students of Global Institute of Sports Business. I felt privileged to be with a bunch of students who were hungry to learn and explore

As a trainer, here are 5 keys factors that I focussed on creating.

1.Be intentional in connecting with your audience. This is achieved by listening to them and adapting as per their growth needs.

2. Create a safe environment where participants are encouraged to try, explore, fail and bounce back.

3. The success of a training depends on audience engagement. So create opportunities for participants to speak up and contribute meaningfully

4. The heart behind giving feedback should always be to help others. Do it with an attitude of care. As I once learnt in Church, it's not about beating people up, it's about building people up.

5. When you enjoy training others, they sense the passion and it soon becomes contagious. Participants feel empowered and equipped to move outside their comfort zone.

Hope the above 5 tips help you in your journey as a corporate trainer.

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