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Craig Travasso

If you want to create an effective and impactful audio visual presentation, then allow Craig to do the talking. Craig – The Communicator, a TEDx speaker, is one who gets a kick out of providing voice overs for audio visuals. He has enjoyed being on stage since the age of 6. Based out of Mumbai, India, he has been in the voice over business for 15 years. You've heard his voice on channels like Times Now, Mirror Now etc and has successfully completed thousands of voice overs in TV promos, corporate videos, audio books, podcasts, radio spots, for brands like HDFC, Hyundai, Oppo etc.

Harnessing his exposure in the field of voice overs, live show hosting and stage performances, Craig conducts workshops on effective presentation skills, communication skills, storytelling, overcoming stage fear, building confidence, interpersonal skills, voice modulation, leadership development and more.

As a communication coach, he encourages and enables participants to come out of their shell and grow in confidence. Craig regularly uploads video tutorials to encourage viewers which focuses on communication skills and personal growth. Thanks for stopping by. Browse around and as Craig would say “Hear me Out”

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