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My Story

Craig Travasso – The Communicator, a 2 time TEDx speaker, is one who enjoys providing voice overs for corporate AVs, commercials and more. Based in Mumbai, India, he has been in the voice over business for more than 15 years  and carries out narrations and voice acting services.


You've heard his voice on channels like Times Now, Mirror Now, Oppo, Hyundai, HDFC and has successfully completed thousands of voice overs in TV promos, corporate videos, audio books, podcasts and radio spots.

Harnessing his exposure in the field of voice overs, live show hosting and stage performances ever since the age of 06, Craig conducts workshops on effective presentation skills, communication skills, storytelling, overcoming stage fear, building confidence, interpersonal skills, voice modulation, leadership development and more.

As a communication coach, he encourages and enables participants to come out of their shell and grow in confidence. Craig regularly uploads video tutorials to encourage viewers which focuses on communication skills and personal growth. Craig is on a mission to equip teams to communicate with clarity and confidence. He is the Director of Craig Communicates (OPC) Private Limited.

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TEDx - The Effective Talker

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