Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Speak Passion

If you want to get into a great conversation with someone, go deeper in dialogue. This video has an important question that we can ask to connect and build stronger relationships.

Dealing with an angry person

How do you respond when you are interacting with someone who is upset and angry? This video provides a valuable tip. Hope you find it helpful.


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Learn People's Names

When we make an effort to learn people's names, it shows that we value people. In this video, we learn how we can remember people's names.

Does a job title make you a leader

Does A Job Title Make You a Leader? What do you think? This video speaks on aspects of leadership.


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Do you speak too fast?

Do You Speak Too Fast? Or are unaware of whether you speak too fast? In this video, you will find tips to assess your speaking style and take corrective action.

Hope you enjoy it.

How to start a speech?

What should you and what should you avoid. This brief video focuses on certain specifics that will help you before your next presentation, speech or sermon. Hope you enjoy.


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

People get overburdened with details. But stories help people relate and connect with what you are saying. It helps to paint a picture for your audience.


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Smile: A Conversation Starter

Many a times, we find ourselves unable to start a conversation with a stranger. It takes a bit of courage. But your smile can really ease the situation in any uncomfortable environment..


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Value Your Team Members

In this video, we have a challenging statement by John Maxwell. To start a good habit is challenging, but definitely rewarding. Don't accept your status quo. Keep learning, keep going, keep growing.


Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Value Your Team Members

When we value our team members, we help them reach their potential and deliver their best. In this video, we learn 3 key elements about building your team.

Stick To Your Time Slot

Sticking to our speaking time slot, can be a challenge and yet, it is an opportunity for us to create an impression and impact.  In this video, I share 3 points to help us in our presentation time management.


Freshness is what we need in our communication. There is a sense of excitement in our voice when we share something fresh with our audience.  Hope this video encourages to you to keep learning, keep growing and staying fresh.


Participant Feedback - Workshop

Conducting a workshop with eager and enthusiastic participants is always an amazing experience. In this video we hear their feedback from the 1 day ‘Communicate with Confidence’ workshop.

Happy Birthday

A birthday is a day when we celebrate the gift of life. Wishing someone ‘Happy Birthday’ can be more than just a greeting. It is an opportunity to appreciate someone, specifically. This video encourages us to do that. Watch, enjoy and share.

The Business Card

At Business networking meets, sharing your business card should not be a mere routine. Rather it is an opportunity to ignite a conversation, build rapport and possibly synergize with the other. What should we do and avoid doing while giving and receiving business cards?


What do I do with my hands?

Gestures play a vital role in our communication. What are the gestures we need to adopt and what should we avoid? This 90 second video will guide you on what to keep in mind.

Listening Is Key To Communication

Many a times, we focus only on what we want to say, instead of listening to what people have to say.

Participation Powers Progress

This video encourages us all to move outside our comfort zone, participate in public speaking activities and grow in confidence.

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