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Handling an argument

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. This proverb is from the Bible (Proverbs 15:1) and I'm sure it will help you in your people skills.

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This approach will develop people skills, strengthen the team and build positive organization culture.

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One more round

We can lose out so much in life, just because we gave up early and quit. When you want to throw in the towel and quit, ask yourself - Can I give one more attempt?


Public speaking fear is a mindset. Here are ways for you to overcome this personal hurdle.

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A problem solving mindset

Life will always have its challenges. Developing the right mindset towards problem solving is vital.

What do we see in others?

Do we look for the good in others or only their faults? Our intention will play a big role in the way we view the world and people.

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365 days, but 01 Good Friday

Why do people call one day in the year Good Friday?

3 questions at networking meetings

Networking meetings are not about exchanging business cards. Its about building connections.

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Don't look down on people

A video calling tip

Developing productive habits

Keep this in mind when developing a new habit.

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People are the organization's strength

The strength and endurance of a company does not come from products or services, but from how well their people pull together.

Rejection vs Regret

Closing the door to possibilities by not taking initiative saves us from rejection. However, it makes us live with regret.

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Don't use a hammer to kill a fly

How do we respond to others when they mess up and commit an error? This video is key in developing a positive work culture.

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Smile: A Conversation Starter

Many a times, we find ourselves unable to start a conversation with a stranger. It takes a bit of courage. But your smile can really ease the situation in any uncomfortable environment..

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How do we give feedback?

We are asked for feedback often. Giving feedback is an art that can bring out the best in others.

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Video Tutorials

Short videos of communication tips

Value Your Team Members

When we value our team members, we help them reach their potential and deliver their best. 

Stick To Your Time Slot

Sticking to our speaking time slot, can be a challenge and yet, it is an opportunity for us to create an impression and impact.


Freshness is what we need in our communication. Hope this video encourages to you to keep learning, keep growing and staying fresh.

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