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Consider and Act

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Identify Time Wasters

“I wish I had more time”, isn’t this a statement that we all have used at some point in our lives? However, wishing for more time is pointless because we will never get more than 24hrs a day. Here’s what you can do: Identify your time wasters / your time suckers. Problem: For some people it is spending a crazy amount of time on social media. Solution: Instead of constantly scrolling through social media accounts that hamper your productivity, you instead need to schedule it.

How to plan your day

In my opinion, leveraging your time is the key to success. It increases your productivity and effectiveness. Here are two things you must do to leverage your time: 1. Write it Write down whatever you want to get done on PAPER, a WHITEBOARD, or on an APP. This task helps you declutter and free up your mind so that you can think creatively. 2. Prioritize it Create a priority list. A priority list is an updated version of a to-do list. A to-do list tells you what to get do ne, b

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