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Build business with Trust

Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you, they will listen to you. If people trust you, they will do business with you”. Isn’t that true? TRUST IS THE CURRENCY TO DO BUSINESS You may know someone who has all the certificates in the world, but if you can’t trust him, you won’t do business with him. Trust is built on TRUTH. If you are looking to build your business, build the trust factor. 3 ways how we can build trust in our organization 1.Speak the truth 2.Make commitments y

Slice the challenge

If you eat a potato as a whole, it's possible but it's difficult. On the other hand, it’s so much more enjoyable when you slice the potato. The principle is SLICE THE CHALLENGE. If there is a difficult activity, instead of getting stressed out about it, break down the tasks, slice the challenge. If there is a project that requires 5 hours to execute, break it up into 1 hour a day and in five days you will complete the task. Don't delay a task, rather break it down and do a li

How to introduce yourself?

When someone asks us to introduce ourselves, why is it that many of us start with the word 'basically'. This word has become a crutch for us. If you face that challenge, here’s how we can introduce ourselves: If you are a Student, talk about the subjects you are pursuing and the extracurricular activities that you enjoy doing. If you are an Employee, talk about the role you have in the company, your contribution towards the organization and your hobbies. If you are a Business

Guard yourself against pride

“You could fall off the ladder you climbed on”. That's a statement by Hammering Hank, an American baseball player and it speaks about pride. When climbing a ladder, you need to focus, or else you might miss a step and fall down. That’s what pride can do, especially when you are enjoying success. How do we guard ourselves against pride? Here, are 2 things you can consider: 1.Appreciate the people around you. Acknowledge their efforts in your success story. Recognize their cont

Leaders delegate and demonstrate

Leadership is vital for the success of an organization as it increases the productivity of the team and gives the people a common vision. The two important qualities required for leadership are Delegation and Demonstration. DELEGATE When we delegate responsibilities, we get more done in less amount of time and that improves productivity. Delegation gives a sense of ownership to employees and challenges them to deliver results. As a leader, we not only delegate responsibilitie

How to run an effective meeting

How to run an effective meeting Meetings are a regular and vital component for every organisation, be it a school, college, office, corporate entity, ngo, church, etc. However, there are some meetings which are go on and on, and end up very ineffective. In this post, I list down 7 key factors to run an effective meeting. I hope this helps you improve your time and team productivity. #leadership #personalgrowth #communicationskills #productivity #timemanagement

Lift up people

Here is a leadership thought to challenge us in the way we work with our teams. It is so important as a leader to be looking for opportunities to encourage and equip others, instead of being someone who wants all the attention. This is a thought by John Maxwell in his book 'Good leaders ask great questions' People can sense the attitude of the leader and they can assess the motives of the leader. Let's be leaders who serve. As Jesus said in the Bible, "I come to serve, not b

Perspective in hard times

Mathew Henry lived in the eighteenth century and was a very spiritual man. He was known for his writings as a Bible commentator. Like all of us, he too had his bad days. But I like his perspective even when he was robbed. Hope this thought encourages u during this time of uncertainty and testing. leadership #personalgrowth #communicationskills #teamwork


This is a powerful statement which speaks of making and keeping commitments. It's from the book, 'Everyone communicates, few connect' by John Maxwell. It is one of the key elements in character building of a person. We need not just be promise makers, but rather promise keepers. We assess the character of a person by one who stands by his or her word. A person who can walk the talk and not just talk is someone we respect. As the Bible says - Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your

Why Read

Why Read - Here is a thought I read from the book Spiritual leadership by J Oswald Sanders. The purpose of reading is vital to our personal growth. If the reason I read is to show off my knowledge, I will end up with a swollen head, unable to connect with people as I am focused on impressing them. The Bible says it's beautifully - Knowledge puff up, but love edifies (builds up). May my purpose of reading be inspiration, to grow in knowledge, analytical abilities and develop d

Developing people

Helping people feel good about themselves is a key to productivity. In the book 'The New One Minute Manager' the author Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tell us that people who feel good about themselves produce good results. This is a powerful quote. I once heard a pastor in church say - Don't beat people up, build people up. Encouragement is a key aspect in developing your team. It helps individuals gain confidence, grow in self esteem and give it their best. Encourage you

Stay grounded

Here is a thought to encourage us in our journey of personal growth as a student, employee, entrepreneur and beyond. The blend of being competitive, enterprising and yet at the same time knowing our roots is vital. I personally believe that we experience growth when we take the courage to explore and move outside our comfort zone. #leadershipdevelopment #personalgrowth #attitude #humility

People skills

The book 'Case for Grace' is a beautiful book of stories of transformed lives written by journalist Lee Strobel, a New York Times bestselling author. Here is a quote (a paraphrase) which speaks on the need of respecting and loving people. People are not products to be fixed. How often do we think of people more as a problem to be solved, than a person to be loved? This book speaks of changed lives and the power of the Eternal One working in them. It's a wonderful book with s

Work life balance

It's important to expand our boundaries, push ourselves and yet at the same time, not fall over the cliff. Here is the statement from the book, 'Developing the leader within you 2.0 workbook', written by John Maxwell. People who keep burning the candle at both ends aren't as bright as they think they are. It is vital that we have empty spaces on my calendar so that I can have the liberty to be creative. If we don't have a work life balance, we will suffer a burn out. I hope t

The foxhole principle

When a foot soldier positions himself/herself on the battlefield, they build trenches to hide from the enemy. But here is a teamwork principle. Build a trench big enough for you and a friend because when the going gets tough, a friend is there to watch out for you, watch with you and this will help you in fighting your personal battles. The Foxhole Principle states: When preparing for battle, dig a hole big enough for a friend. I first heard this statement in an online traini

Questions are vital

It's so easy for us to voice our opinion and jump to conclusions. But self control means probing and asking questions to understand better, before one gives their opinion, advice, counsel, evaluation or judgement regarding a person or situation. Here is a thought from the book 'Good leaders ask great questions' by John Maxwell. The reason we ask questions is because before you attempt to set things right, make sure you see things. I hope this thought helps you as you work wit

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