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Consider and Act

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Guard yourself against pride

“You could fall off the ladder you climbed on”. That's a statement by Hammering Hank, an American baseball player and it speaks about pride. When climbing a ladder, you need to focus, or else you might miss a step and fall down. That’s what pride can do, especially when you are enjoying success. How do we guard ourselves against pride? Here, are 2 things you can consider: 1.Appreciate the people around you. Acknowledge their efforts in your success story. Recognize their cont

Think we, not just me

“The disease of me can lead to the defeat of us.” That's a statement by Pat Riley, a basketball coach of the LA Lakers from the book, ‘The winning way 2.0’. Every day in every project, you have a choice to work as a TEAM PLAYER or to work as a SOLO PERFORMER. As a Team Player, you need to learn how to listen more to others, understand their perspective and have an inclusive approach at all points in time. But, as a Solo Performer all that you do is think of your wants and you

See people in their potential

Don’t ever look down on people. A pastor of a church once said, “Don’t look at people in their current position, rather look at people in their potential.” Ask yourself this question, “Does that person have an attitude to learn?”. If your answer is “yes”, then ask yourself this question, “Where do you see that person one year from now with the right amount of training and encouragement?”. This thought will help you in building the right perspective in how we view people. See

Developing people

Helping people feel good about themselves is a key to productivity. In the book 'The New One Minute Manager' the author Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tell us that people who feel good about themselves produce good results. This is a powerful quote. I once heard a pastor in church say - Don't beat people up, build people up. Encouragement is a key aspect in developing your team. It helps individuals gain confidence, grow in self esteem and give it their best. Encourage you

People skills

The book 'Case for Grace' is a beautiful book of stories of transformed lives written by journalist Lee Strobel, a New York Times bestselling author. Here is a quote (a paraphrase) which speaks on the need of respecting and loving people. People are not products to be fixed. How often do we think of people more as a problem to be solved, than a person to be loved? This book speaks of changed lives and the power of the Eternal One working in them. It's a wonderful book with s

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