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How to run an effective meeting

How to run an effective meeting Meetings are a regular and vital component for every organisation, be it a school, college, office, corporate entity, ngo, church, etc. However, there are some meetings which are go on and on, and end up very ineffective. In this post, I list down 7 key factors to run an effective meeting. I hope this helps you improve your time and team productivity. #leadership #personalgrowth #communicationskills #productivity #timemanagement

Lift up people

Here is a leadership thought to challenge us in the way we work with our teams. It is so important as a leader to be looking for opportunities to encourage and equip others, instead of being someone who wants all the attention. This is a thought by John Maxwell in his book 'Good leaders ask great questions' People can sense the attitude of the leader and they can assess the motives of the leader. Let's be leaders who serve. As Jesus said in the Bible, "I come to serve, not b

Perspective in hard times

Mathew Henry lived in the eighteenth century and was a very spiritual man. He was known for his writings as a Bible commentator. Like all of us, he too had his bad days. But I like his perspective even when he was robbed. Hope this thought encourages u during this time of uncertainty and testing. leadership #personalgrowth #communicationskills #teamwork


This is a powerful statement which speaks of making and keeping commitments. It's from the book, 'Everyone communicates, few connect' by John Maxwell. It is one of the key elements in character building of a person. We need not just be promise makers, but rather promise keepers. We assess the character of a person by one who stands by his or her word. A person who can walk the talk and not just talk is someone we respect. As the Bible says - Let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your

Why Read

Why Read - Here is a thought I read from the book Spiritual leadership by J Oswald Sanders. The purpose of reading is vital to our personal growth. If the reason I read is to show off my knowledge, I will end up with a swollen head, unable to connect with people as I am focused on impressing them. The Bible says it's beautifully - Knowledge puff up, but love edifies (builds up). May my purpose of reading be inspiration, to grow in knowledge, analytical abilities and develop d

Developing people

Helping people feel good about themselves is a key to productivity. In the book 'The New One Minute Manager' the author Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson tell us that people who feel good about themselves produce good results. This is a powerful quote. I once heard a pastor in church say - Don't beat people up, build people up. Encouragement is a key aspect in developing your team. It helps individuals gain confidence, grow in self esteem and give it their best. Encourage you

A workshop at Xaviers

As I was walking down the corridors of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, I happened to glance at the side and once again marveled at the stunning college architecture, representative of the colonial era. I was invited to this prestigious institute in March 2020 as a guest speaker on theme of Voice Modulation for educators. This was for the international conference on 'Evolving Trends in Higher Education' at St. Xavier's College (Autonomous), Mumbai It was an afternoon to rememb

Questions are vital

It's so easy for us to voice our opinion and jump to conclusions. But self control means probing and asking questions to understand better, before one gives their opinion, advice, counsel, evaluation or judgement regarding a person or situation. Here is a thought from the book 'Good leaders ask great questions' by John Maxwell. The reason we ask questions is because before you attempt to set things right, make sure you see things. I hope this thought helps you as you work wit

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